Snavelpark Amersfoort

Amersfoort Zoo opens Snavelrijk July 8, 2014
Last weekend 'Snavelrijk' was opened in Amersfoort Zoo; an aviary of 3000m2, in which a climbing-everything route is integrated for children. Due to the importance of the animals, it was not possible to realize catering in the same space.

Flying birds are actually quite normal. Yet we also found it normal for a number of bird species that they did not fly. In the past we have had pelicans and marabou storks where several times a year a few feathers at the end of their wings were clipped. In this way they stayed on the ground and could not fly away. How different it is now in our new aviary 'Beak Empire': impressive bird species fly around here. You see that especially the marabou storks on trunks meters high seek their sleeping place, just like in Africa they spend the night there in peace. The vultures also seek out the various higher perches.