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Van Beelen NTN B.V. is a medium-sized company with about 10 employees and has a rich network experience. The company was founded in 1916 by Mr. J. van Beelen, the great-grandfather of the current management. The 4th generation is now at the helm. It all started with making fishing nets. Nets that had to fight against the weight of masses of fish and which had to withstand water violence, seawater influences and changing weather conditions.

This has yielded the necessary experience, which we still gratefully use in the production of the many types of nets that our range contains. This includes nets for safety, shielding, balustrades, bird protection, sports or for the offshore.

Since its foundation, a lot of innovation has taken place within the company. The material from which the net is made has evolved from natural to synthetic and, where in the past many hands were needed to make a net, we can now use the most modern machines. This results in an even better product at a fair price. We strive to keep our equipment up-to-date in order to provide our customers with a good product.

Nets can have various variables: which material, which mesh size, knotted or knotless, with or without finishing. In short, a lot is possible. We can provide you with the right advice and fast delivery from a wide range and often from our own stock. In consultation with you, we arrive at the desired combination.

In addition to our extensive experience in making custom nets, mounting nets on location is also a part that has grown over the years. we have the expertise
who can relieve you of the installation of nets in a wide variety of areas and industries and often thinks along with you during the preliminary phase.

We have a wide customer base. Over the years we have also built up international brand awareness and our clientele is located in Europe and sometimes far beyond.

Why Van Beelen nets?
Because we have the in-house know-how to advise our customers on the right choice of material and finish and because we always offer competitive pricing. Old-fashioned craftsmanship for a modern product.

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Joost van Beelen

I have been working within our company since 2007 and at the time I started in net production ....

.. Over the years I have specialized in the installation of nets on location. 

From 2016 I became co-owner together with my cousin Jochen. I am often visiting clients and taking on odd jobs. In addition, I also manage ongoing assembly jobs. The challenge with on-site assembly work is that every project is different. I like a personal approach I like to think along with the customer and advise which type of networker is needed and explain the installation method. I am proud that our team has now completed many beautiful and challenging projects.

Jochen van Leeuwen

What started as a holiday job in the late 80s during my school days, eventually resulted in 2016 ..

.. in co-owning this beautiful family business.

Together with Joost I can provide the daily management of this. Within the company I am mainly involved in purchasing and sales, forwarding and planning of production. The great thing about this profession is that no day is the same.

We receive the most diverse requests for which we often find a suitable solution. With our team of professionals we make a beautiful product and quality and reliability are of paramount importance to us.

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